Micropellet Technology

Our tiny (4mm x 0.74mm — smaller than a grain of rice), proprietary Clonidine Micropellet is designed to provide extended release of clonidine, an alpha-2 adrenergic agonist, with a single injection.

Potential for long duration relief

At the heart of our innovation is the Clonidine Micropellet. Smaller than a grain of rice, the bioresorbable micropellet is designed to release clonidine slowly, bathing the affected area with a steady dose of clonidine for 30 days or longer. Because clonidine also reduces inflammation, we believe patients may experience pain relief after the micropellet is absorbed, potentially reducing the need for multiple injections commonly seen with epidural steroid injections.*

Localized delivery

Our proprietary delivery system is designed to allow x-ray guided injection of the Clonidine Micropellets directly to the source of pain and inflammation—the nerve root (dorsal root ganglion) near the site of the injury. Delivery is via a standard epidural injection using an interlaminar approach, guided by fluoroscopy for precise placement, which means no new clinical technique is required.

The Sollis delivery system is designed to enable x-ray guided injection of Clonidine Micropellets using a standard epidural injection procedure. The sterile micropellets are provided in a pre-loaded dispenser which is attached to a Touhy needle.

New approach, familiar procedure

See how our Clonidine Micropellet delivery method is designed to enable targeted and localized delivery of clonidine.

The Sollis Clonidine Micropellet therapy is an investigational treatment for sciatica and has not been approved for use by the FDA.

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*Comparative testing with epidural steroid injection (ESI) has not yet been conducted.